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Arkansas' PASSE Program

PASSE stands for Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity. This is a program that serves Medicaid clients with complex behavioral health, developmental or intellectual disabilities.


The goal of the PASSE system is to monitor client's health care needs, keep them healthy and help them reach goals. The Arkansas Department of Human Services, the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care and each PASSE works together internally to address questions or concerns for providers and clients about the PASSE program as they arise. PASSE is currently serving nearly 40,000 Arkansas Medicaid clients. 

A Medicaid client’s services are managed and reimbursed by PASSE if the person:

  • is on the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver

  • is on the DD Waiver wait list and gets Medicaid state plan services

  • lives in a private DD Intermediate Care Facility

  • has a Behavioral Health diagnosis and needs services in addition to counseling and medication management

A care coordinator from the assigned PASSE must contact each enrolled member within 15 business days after the effective date of enrollment.​  Care coordinators must keep ongoing contact with each enrolled member on their caseload, making contact at least once monthly and a face-to-face meeting once quarterly.​


Remember, once you have been approved for the PASSE Program, choose FAVOR HOME CARE as your home care provider with Arkansas Total Care!

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