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Evaluating Care Needs

For most of us, it’s difficult to see a loved one decline in health. However, the sooner we acknowledge they need help and get the necessary services in place, the more likely they can age in place.


While being honest with yourself and paying attention to how your loved one completes ordinary daily tasks, you can help identify the need for home care and determine how much help they may need.

It may be helpful to observe the difficulty that your loved one has when performing the following tasks to evaluate their need for a caregiver:

  • Planning and preparing meals

  • Grooming needs like brushing hair and clipping nails

  • Tracking and paying bills

  • Moving around in the home


If you believe home care would benefit your loved one, give us a call! Our Care Managers will gather information about your loved one’s condition, address your concerns, then schedule a visit with you whenever it is convenient.

During the in-home visit, we will perform a home safety evaluation and gauge fall risks.  This visit also allows us to observe exactly how we may be of help so we can match the right services to your needs. After evaluating care needs, we can begin putting together a care plan and schedule to address all issues we noticed, along with any concerns you bring to our attention.

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