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When to Consider Home Care

Placing your loved one in the care of someone who understands their needs and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, can reduce additional stress for the client and their family members.  



It may be helpful to refer to a checklist of possible red flags in order to determine whether your loved one needs additional help. Issues that may indicate a need for home care assistance include:

  • Your loved one has trouble getting dressed or fastening clothing

  • Toileting and bathing present complications for your loved one

  • They are unable to prepare meals or need frequent assistance

  • Nutritional needs are not being met due to problems with eating

  • Medications are sometimes missed or forgotten

  • Walking requires assistance or frequent falls occur

  • Household chores are being ignored or present difficulty

  • There is frequent confusion, items are regularly lost

  • Mood and emotions are abnormal or mood swings are common 



At Favor Home Care, we take the stress out of caring for your loved one. When they are at an age or stage of needing more help than they will sometimes admit, or than your family is able to provide, that's where we step in.


You are doing the right thing for everyone by bringing in a caregiver to help! Together, we can find solutions to help your aging friend or family member get the care they need. Let us help you by relieving some of the stress so you can enjoy being a daughter, son, spouse or friend again. 


If you are unsure whether your loved one may benefit from home care services, we can help you. We are available around the clock (even on holidays!) to speak to you about your concerns and what they may mean. Our Care Managers are here to talk you through your options and help you decide what is best for your loved one. Seeking our services may help you to keep your loved one living comfortably in their own home longer. Let our experienced team help you evaluate your loved one's need for home care by calling us today!

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