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Having the Talk

It can be tough to acknowledge that your loved one may need home care, let alone introduce the idea of having a caregiver in their home. They may react to your decision negatively and with some resistance. Here are some easy ways to talk about home care so you can approach this conversation successfully.

  1. Mention the advantages. One of the largest advantages of home care is that your loved one is able to say in their home. Living in their own home allows them to live under their own rules. They are not alone in this belief. In fact, 42% of seniors say this is one of the primary reasons they chose to have in-home care over a facility. The goal during this conversation is to list the benefits of home care and to make it desirable to your loved one. Other advantages include one-on-one attention and being able to see family and friends when they want and on their time.

  2. Focus on independence. A large topic of your conversation should focus on how your loved one will be able to keep their independence through home care. Put it in perspective, and paint a visual picture for them. Have they fallen before? List the risks that are associated with falling again including broken bones, surgery and hospitalization. Do they forget to take medication or go to doctors appointments? The same approach can be used with those factors as well.

  3. Make it about you. Explain to your loved one how much you worry about them and how you will not be able to rest until you know they are in good hands. You can also explain that this is a normal part of the aging process. Chances are they already know someone who is reaping the benefits of in-home care! If they do, ask why they chose home care over other options. The more people you can get on your side, the better your chances of having a successful conversation.

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