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Medication Management

As we age, we tend to take more medications. Aging can also affect the way we process prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. Because of the number of medications and body changes, older adults are at a higher risk of medication errors including side effects and adverse drug reactions. In addition, cognitive changes can make it difficult for someone to take their medication as prescribed.


Medication errors can cause or aggravate conditions such as confusion, dizziness, loss of coordination or balance, malnutrition and dehydration. More serious medication errors can lead to hospitalization or even death.



The good news is, many of these errors can be prevented through medication management services. Care coordination between doctors and pharmacists is a good place to start. Calendars and pill boxes can also help you or a loved one stay organized. Some people, however, especially older adults, could benefit from additional help.

That’s where Favor Home Care comes in! Our caregivers can:

  • Provide medication reminders

  • Ensure medication directions are followed such as taking with food or a certain time of day

  • Check expiration dates

  • Provide transportation to pick up prescriptions and over-the-counter medications

  • Speak with the pharmacist and take notes so the family knows what is said

We realize there are some situations and medications that may be unique to your loved one. If you have questions or concerns regarding our level of assistance, please give us a call so we can help find a solution that works for your loved one.

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