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How to Choose a Provider

If you’re new to the search for caregiver services to help with your loved one, you’re probably coming across many industry terms which don’t always make sense. For the most part, the services you’re looking for will fall into one of two categories: medical care or non-medical care. Favor Home Care provides non-medical services.

Not all home care services are created equal. While making calls to different agencies, you may notice some are significantly lower in price. You may find yourself wondering, "What's the difference?"


There are some home care companies out there that are considered registries. The price may be lower, but they may not screen their caregivers because they act as private contractors who are in no way backed by the home care service. What does this mean? If a caregiver from a registry gets hurt while caring for your loved one, you'll be on the hook for their injuries. Many registries also have no backup in place if the caregiver calls in or has an emergency, leaving a family member or a friend to scramble and find coverage. 

At Favor Home Care, our caregivers are rigorously screened before ever interacting with your loved one. Just like you, we don't want someone in your loved one's home who hasn't been thoroughly vetted. Before officially joining the Favor Home Care team, our Care Managers perform the following checks:

  • State criminal background

  • Traffic violations

  • Social security verification

  • Sex offender registry

  • Licensing (for CNAs)

  • Drug screens

  • Reference checks/work history

  • Public records

Our caregivers are also bonded and insured.



Most non-medical home care services provide the same general services, including assistance with housekeeping, grooming and transportation.

When asked, home care agencies will typically provide a list of the services provided. We work closely with our clients and their family members/friends to determine which services are desired and to craft a home care schedule and routine that fits your loved one's needs.



The quality of care that a home care company provides will only be truly understood after home care services begin. The best home care services will make it a point to check in with clients frequently regarding quality of care and satisfaction with services. Home care agencies should also be able to make changes quickly to increase client satisfaction. Favor Home Care has Care Managers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make changes, answer questions, and help clients with all needs.


During your research, here are some other questions that may be beneficial in making your decision:

  1. What type of services do you offer?

  2. What is your hourly rate?

  3. Do you have a minimum number of hours?

  4. Do you offer transportation?

  5. Is there overtime?

  6. What kind of contract do you have?

  7. Are you a franchise?

  8. Are your caregivers licensed, bonded and insured?

  9. Do you run background checks on the caregivers? What kinds?

  10. What separates your company from other agencies in the market?

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